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Due to its perfect combination of a solar collector with a hot water storage tank, Solpal® is more efficient than traditional thermosiphon systems. Solpal® is the first compact system with an integrated hot water tank that is suitable for the most diverse applications. Whether you own a family home, a villa, a holiday resort or a weekend retreat, Solpal® is the ideal solution.

Save up to 80% on energy costs for producing domestic hot water.
Integrated collector-storage system
Unlike traditional thermosyphon systems, the water heater is integrated directly into the collector, which means that the sun's energy is transferred directly to the water heater. This is not only fast, but also ensures that the water is not polluted.
Modern design
Thanks to its modern design, Solpal® eliminates the problem of having a visible water heater on the roof, a typical problem for traditional thermosyphon systems.
Significant cost savings
The sun is an unlimited energy source. Making use of it is good for the environment, conserves resources and is kind to your wallet. Solpal® is able to exploit this free solar energy better than all other comparable models thanks to its boosted efficiency. This allows users to reduce energy costs for producing domestic hot water of up to 80%.
Hot water 365 days a year
When the sun is shining, every traditional thermosyphon system should work well. The new Solpal® system works more efficient every day of the year and can be installed as a stand-alone unit, in combination with external energy sources or connected to other units in series.
Easy installation – Lower costs
Solpal® can be installed on flat or pitched roofs. It is extremely simple and quick to mount, guaranteeing the lowest possible installation costs.