Solpal - Solar Design Solutions

Innovation meets design.

Solpal® systems have a contemporary style. They have been developed to suit any roof, garden or terrace and can therefore be considered an integral design element that fits perfectly with the character of every modern home.

Distinctive solar design.

The most important goal of the Solpal® product development team was to design a solar system for domestic water heating that was inexpensive, significantly more efficient than competing products and simple to install. At the same time, though, it had to have a captivating design! The form, function and materials had to be united in a perfectly conceived whole. The response by the Solpal® team was to demonstrate that it is possible to combine improved energy efficiency with distinctive design.

Solar energy perfected.

The new range of solar water heating systems from Solpal® are unlike usual installations, not least because they can blend in seamlessly with every style of architecture. It doesn't matter whether they are installed on pitched roofs, flat roofs or even as stand-alone units; they are always pleasant to look at and generate domestic hot water the entire year.

Examples of Solpal® installations.

Solpal® can be adapted to suit not only modern architectural styles very well, but more classical buildings too. Whether installed individually or connected in series.