Solpal - Solar Design Solutions

The Solpal® system.

Solpal® is a revolutionary new system that produces domestic hot water using the power of the sun. Solpal® is more efficient than traditional thermosyphon systems. It has half the size and weight of traditional systems, but is especially economic and cost saving.

Wherever the sun shines, Solpal® produces free hot water. Let the sun pay your bill.
From the sun.
The sun is an unlimited energy source. Making use of it is good for the environment, conserves resources and is kind to your wallet.
Connect Solpal® and get hot water. It couldn’t be easier. The plug&play principle works with Solpal® perfectly.
Solpal® is the ingenious solution for your hot water system: hot water 365 days a year while reducing energy costs at the same time.

All the information in a concise format:
The Solpal® brochure.