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Learn, how to install the innovative integrated collector-storage-system Solpal®.

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We have improved a familiar technology.

When the new Solpal® system was being developed to produce domestic hot water, one question preoccupied the mind of the research team: “How can we improve a technology we know so well?”

The answer to this question was to transform a traditional dual-circuit thermosyphon system into a compact system with one circuit. A solar innovation that saves energy and is only half the size and weight of a traditional thermosyphon system. What's more, it continuously provides hot water for 365 days a year.

Safety ensured by quality.

The parts and materials used meet European quality standards; moreover, they fulfill the quality requirements that have been established in Germany and Austria. The design is based on a modern style and therefore suits every type of buildings very well.

10-year limited material warranty.

Solpal® is able to offer a limited material warranty period of 10 years by using high-quality materials and certified production. The guarantee covers both operation and performance (optimal energy yield) as long as the product is mounted, used and maintained properly. For more details, please consult the operating instructions.

The technical principle:

It is a simple but brilliant idea: water is heated directly in the solar collector and held in the accumulator (patented single-circuit system). This allows a substantially greater energy saving and can reduce energy costs for producing domestic hot water by up to 90%. By continuously tapping fresh warm water, an optimal hygienic standard can be guaranteed too.