Solpal - Solar Design Solutions

The Vision

Fossil fuel resources are becoming far more expensive due to rising extraction costs and an overestimation of reserve levels over many years. The unbroken upward trend in commodity prices does not appear to be coming to an end. Furthermore, growing CO2 emissions are warming up our atmosphere and can cause drastic climate change. This forces us to deal with energy in a responsible way. Greater energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy is becoming an important and economic way to save costs and protects the environment.

All components are perfectly matched and easy to install. Solpal® is OG 300 certified, ensuring compliance with all US standards. Innovative Solpal® technology is becoming the new standard in energy efficiency and quality. Made in Austria.

Solpal® enables anyone to harness the sun to generate energy effectively. Solpal® offers customers high-quality design-oriented solar solutions at an attractive price. Solpal® is an integrated collector storage system where the water is heated and stored directly within the collector itself, which allows for levels of energy efficiency that are considerably higher than with traditional thermosiphon systems.

Why choose a Solpal® solar system?

The future belongs to solar power: it is and always will be inexhaustible. Saving energy protects resources and the environment, increases energy supply security and saves you money. Solpal® is a perfect mix of top design, high tech and best price.

Protects the environment.

Do something positive for the environment and save up to 2,400 lbs. CO2 each year with a solar system from Solpal®. You’ll be making an important contribution to a liveable future and enabling future generations to also enjoy a high quality of life.

Saves energy costs.

Thanks to freely available solar energy, your investment pays for itself within a few years due to the large savings on fossil fuels! When we harness the sun, the earth is delighted - along with all sensibly minded people!